Spelling Memorizer

Spelling Memorizer

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Product Description

by Arthur Bornstein

How the method works:
Unique associations are created by Arthur Bornstein, nationally known memory training authority. This kit is for students of all ages in all grades and for people learning a second language who have difficulty in learning how to spell. The methods develop right brain and left brain learning.
Complete Instructions and stories appear on reverse side of card.
In just a few minutes the flash cards demonstrate the logical process of thinking, how creative imagination works and how students can make their own dramatic associations and have fun learning how to spell. New words are reinforced without boring repetition. Students learn how to apply 20 important methods for memorization.

Complete Teaching Kit Includes:
* 56 Flash Cards, large 8.5 x 11 size in full color
* Instructional Cassette Tape
* Teacher Study Guide