Understanding Your Childís Mind

Understanding Your Childís Mind

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The Complete Kit of Tools and Tips

by Dr. Norman W. Jackson

Is your child having a great amount of trouble in school? Does your bright child have trouble reading? You have tried everything you can think of, and the teacher says your child just cannot get it. If parents suspect a problem, they often do not have access to a professional or cannot afford analysis and treatment. Dr. Jackson wrote Understand Your Child's Mind so parents and children can profit from many of the same techniques used by professionals for visual-motor-perceptual training and rehabilitation, which could cost a small fortune, for the price of this book. Understand Your Child's Mind provides:

ē Easy to understand explanations of learning disabilities and difficulties

ē Accurate assessment tools

ē Effective tools and strategies to play to your child's strengths and overcome learning disabilities or challenges

There is absolutely no excuse why thousands of children start school with preventable learning disabilities when parents, simply and easily, can train them at home. This assessment and treatment does not have to be done in clinics, doctor offices, or in preschool programs. The best way to treat a problem is to prevent it before it occurs.

356 pages
ISBN 9781607994091

Dr. Norman Jackson received a B.S. and O.D. from the Illinois College of Optometry. He has practiced optometry for nearly fifty years. He was the first Ohio optometrist selected to attend study at the distinguished Gesell Institute of Child Development at Yale University and received the Certificte "Vision, the School Age Child."

Carolyn's Comments: So many children are handicapped by undiagnosed vision problems and labeled with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, etc. This book is a practical guide for parents and teachers who need help determining how to teach children with visual difficulties.