Ronald Reagan Our 40th President

Ronald Reagan Our 40th President

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by Winston Groom

From the Author of "Forest Gump"

Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President

He was one of America's true greats. As president, he changed the world, developing a successful strategy for defeating Communism, toppling the Soviet Union, and liberating Eastern Europe (while hardly firing a shot). And just as important, he restored an America that had found itself mired in a malaise of falling living standards, moral decay, and what seemed like inevitable decline.

Though he was our oldest president, Reagan acted as a tonic, rejuvenating America's economy, restoring her confidence, and attracting a majority of young voters won over by his vision of making America once again a shining city on a hill.

In this superlative biography for young adults, bestselling author Winston Groom--author of "Forrest Gump"--gives us the full Reagan, from his Midwestern American boyhood, to his early career as a radio sports announcer, to his days as a Hollywood star and his extraordinary political career as a union leader, governor of California, and president of the United States.

Covering the gamut of Reagan's dramatic life, "Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President" is essential reading, as inspiring as its subject.

Age Group: 12 to 18

Biographical Note:
Winston Groom is the author of sixteen previous books, including "Forrest Gump, Kearny's March, Shrouds of Glory, Vicksburg: 1863," and "Conversations with the Enemy," a Pulitzer Prize finalist. He lives with his wife and daughter in Point Clear, Alabama.