Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims




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Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans

by Rush Limbaugh


Okay, okay, my name's really Rusty--but my friends call me Rush. Rush Revere. Because I've always been the #1 fan of the coolest colonial dude ever, Paul Revere. Talk about a rock star--this guy wanted to protect young America so badly, he rode through those bumpy, cobblestone-y streets shouting "the British are coming!" On a horse. Top of his lungs. Wind blowing, rain streaming. . . .

Well, you get the picture. But what if you could get the "real" picture--by actually "going back in time" and seeing with your own eyes how our great country came to be? Meeting the people who made it all happen--people like you and me?

Hold on to your pointy triangle hats, because you "can"--with me, Rush Revere, seemingly ordinary substitute history teacher, as your tour guide across time! "How?" you ask? Well, there's this portal. And a horse. My "talking" horse named Liberty. And--well, just trust me, I'll get us there.

We'll begin by joining a shipload of brave families journeying on the "Mayflower" in 1620. Yawn? I don't think so. 1620 was a pretty awesome time, and "you'll" experience exactly what "they" did on that rough, dangerous ocean crossing. Together, we'll ask the pilgrims all our questions, find out how they live, join them at the first Thanksgiving, and much more.

So saddle up and let's ride! Our exceptional nation is waiting to be discovered all over again by exceptional young patriots--"like you"!

Target Age Group: 08 to 12

212 pages

ISBN: 1476755868
EAN: 9781476755861