Rush Revere and the Presidency CD

Rush Revere and the Presidency CD




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by Rush Limbaugh

Join Rush Revere on another action-packed journey!  Rush and his friends head back in time to the early days of our independent nation to watch the Founding Fathers create the leadership we needed for our future in Rush Revere and the Presidency.
Visit America right after the patriots have won their fight and made us a free country.  It's an exciting new time for Americans, when every decision will be a historic one.  You'll learn the answers to the questions in the coolest history lesson ever:

*  What does it take to become President of the United States?
*  What made George Washington one of our greatest presidents?
*  What are the words of the Presidential Oath?
*  Why was First Lady Abigail Adams called Mrs President by newspapers?

ISBN 9781508227488