Sky Dreamcatcher Swing

Sky Dreamcatcher Swing




Product Description

Colorful dreamcatcher swing will take children soaring on their own backyard adventure! They can swing, twirl and spin as far as their imaginations will take them! No Assembly and easy installation. Hang from 2 points or a single point for more spinning action. Easily holds several children. Includes uniquely colored 38″ diameter hand-woven swing using UV resistant nylon with steel frame. 8-ft adjustable nylon rope and 2 carabiners. 3 Can also order 6-ft or 12-ft Sky Tree Hangers for easy hanging (Sold Separately)

NEW The Slackers Dreamcatcher! Flown by Slackers!

Colorful 38″ diameter hand-woven swing
Includes adjustable 8-ft UV resistant nylon rope and 2 carabiners
Age 4+, Max 500 lbs
Holds up to 5 children
Attach to strong, healthy tree or play structure
Age 4+, Max 500 lbs. 227 KG Max Weight Limit.
Swing, spin, twirl and soar for hours of outdoor fun with Sky Dreamcatcher Swing!

B4A 108