Skyscrapers:  Super Structures to Design & Build

Skyscrapers: Super Structures to Design & Build

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Product Description

by Carol A. Johmann

Learn the successive stages of building a skyscraper, while reading about some of the tallest buildings in the world, such as the Sears Tower and the Woolworth Building. Illustrations accompany the text.

From design through construction and afterward, readers experience the roles of architect, engineer, soil expert, and city planner, as well as have a hand in designing and building a skyscraper to withstand earthquakes and hurricane winds, and much more.

- Kids have a real-world experience that uses math, physics, engineering, spatial, and visual skills!
- Kids plan a model city requiring cooperation, problem solving, community rights, and legal and environmental awareness.
- Kids design their own skyscrapers using graphic design, creative thinking, practical considerations, aesthetic considerations, and ingenuity.

Age: 8-11
96 pages

ISBN: 1885593503
EAN: 9781885593504