Spelling Power Student Record Book: Yellow

Spelling Power Student Record Book: Yellow




Product Description

When using the Spelling Power program, you use two different forms daily to complete the lessons as well as other forms on a level-by-level basis. These forms are integral to the successful use of the program. Student Record Books include enough Daily Test and 10-Step-Study pages for the average student to master a level. In addition they include the Survey, Placement, Delayed Recall, and End of Level Tests (printed in light blue ink so your studentís own handwriting stands out) as well as a Student Progress Chart.

Student Record Books are organized to save you lesson planning time, eliminate record keeping tasks, and document student progress. Plus Student Record Books are handy and more cost effective than printing the individual forms from the Teacher's Electronic Resources.

Each Record Book provides enough forms for one of your students to master the words on approximately one level of the Spelling Power program. The average student studying spelling four days a week will generally use two Student Record Books in in a school year.

Student Record Books are available in three sizes of line spacing. To find out which line size of Student Record Book each of your students need, have your students write a sentence in normal handwriting (printing or cursive) on a blank (unlined) sheet of paper. Then compare the handwriting size with the Student Record Book line spacing. It's that easy.