Starting Point Science Combined Usborne #3

Starting Point Science Combined Usborne #3




Product Description

by Susan Meredith

This bright, exciting book for young children introduces aspects of nature, science, and technology, providing fascinating information about the mysteries of everyday things. It answers such questions as: What makes it rain? What makes a flower grow? Where does electricity come from? and What's under the ground? The simple text, detailed illustrations, and lively cartoons combine to answer each question in clear, step-by-step stages. Young children can share and enjoy these books with adults, while the more confident reader will be rewarded with exciting new facts to read and understand.

This book contains the four books: What's Inside You?
Where do Babies Come From?
Where Does Rubbish Go?
Where Did Dinosaurs Go?

98 pages
Ages 6 and up

ISBN: 0746009704

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