The Baran Method - Writing for Success

The Baran Method - Writing for Success




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by Greg Baran

Children have great ideas, but often they are confused and frustrated as to where to put them on the paper. A builder needs a foundation to build a house upon and a writer needs a foundation in order to write clearly. When we understand how a project is put together, were free to allow our imagination to flow. 

All successful communication can be broken down into three key components: claim, evidence, and analysis. When these components are organized properly, our thinking, our communication, and our writing becomes clear. The Baran Method identifies these components step-by-step and walks you through to mastery of these three very basic elements. You can then easily pass this technique on to your students and see how writing becomes simple, easy, and fun.

Thousands of parents, teachers, and their students have used The Baran Method to become successful writers.  

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