The Beggar's Bible

The Beggar's Bible

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by Louise A. Vernon

Louise A. Vernon tells of John Wycliffe, the famous Oxford teacher/preacher who translated the Bible and made his translation available to the poor of the land.

Thirteen-year-old Arnold Hutton wanted to go to college. How could he go without money? He had to earn his living some way. Should he work in the fields or beg for the church? Why did Arnold lose his temper and hit his friend Timothy's little brother? What was Arnold's punishment? Why did he run away? Above all, why was the Bible entrusted to beggars? The Beggar's Bible is based on John Wycliffe's own writings, as well as histories of those times.

Age Group: 9 to 12
136 pages

ISBN: 0836117328
EAN: 9780836117325