The Beggars' Victory

The Beggars' Victory

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Struggle for Freedom Series 3

by Piet Prins

It was the beginning of March, 1572. Four years earlier Martin, along with his father and his father's dear friend, Boudewyn, who was a blacksmith, had signed up on a Beggar's ship in Emden. . .

David Engelsma wrote in The Standard Bearer of August 1995 about Dispelling the Tyranny:

"This is the eagerly awaited sequel to When the Morning Came. It continues the story of young Martin Meulenberg in the Netherlands during the terrible persecution of the Reformed by the Roman Catholic Church and Spain in the late 1500's. . . .The book ends with Martin obtaining permission from his parents to enlist for service with one of the ships of the "Sea Beggars," the famed Dutch fleet that played so important a role in the struggle of the Netherlands for freedom. The next volume, then, in this 'Struggle for Freedom' series will have Martin on the high seas with the 'Beggars'. . . This is the kind of fiction that Reformed children and young people should read, and will enjoy reading. Our Christian schools should have this series in their libraries."

Ages 10 and up

ISBN 0921100531