The Book of Playground Songs and Rhymes

The Book of Playground Songs and Rhymes

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Compiled by John M. Feierabend

For generations, neighbourhood kids would gather to skip rope, bounce balls, play hand-clapping games, or choose one another to be the first 'it' in a game with a counting-out rhyme. The songs and rhymes in this book were made by playing these games and are a great foundation for music learning. The first chapter contains traditional hand-clapping songs for rhythm and coordination. The next section contains jump rope rhymes of all types including rhymes for a solo number, counting rhymes, alphabet rhymes, "in and out" rhymes and motion rhymes. Other sections contain ball bouncing rhymes and other rhythmic games.

This is a wonderful resource for making the development physical skills like strength, agility, balance, coordination and endurance lots and lots of fun.

Ages 6 and up
92 pages

ISBN: 1622770889
EAN: 9781622770885

Carolyn's Comments: Before electronic toys took over children's lives, children enjoyed many physical games that helped develop their brains and bodies in ways that cannot happen sitting down. This wonderful collection can introduce that fun to your family. You won't need a gym if the whole family (and hopefully some neighbors) join in jump rope games and the other activities in this book!