The Everything Writing Well Book

The Everything Writing Well Book

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by Pamela Rice Hahn

Have you ever written a letter, prepared a company memo, or fired off a short e-mail, only to realize that the message you sent wasn't received the way you intended it? Just because you know the basic rules of the written language doesn't mean you're done learning-not by a long shot.

The Everything® Writing Well Book, written by publishing professional Pamela Rice Hahn, helps you transform your writing for virtually any situation, formal or informal. The author guides you through all aspects of polishing your skills-choosing the appropriate tone, building document structure, and communicating a clear and concise message.

The Everything® Writing Well Book includes detailed information on:

Social writing, such as get well notes
Electronic writing, such as e-mails and faxes
Layperson's journalism, such as "letters to the editor"
Copyright matters for research topics
Essays, including personal and biographical
Academic papers, such as theses and dissertations
Business writing, such as job offers, corporate memos, and press releases

305 pages

ISBN 1580628877

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