The Grandees: The Story of America's Sephardic Elite

The Grandees: The Story of America's Sephardic Elite




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by Stephen Birmingham

Forced out of Spain, Portugal and finally Brazil, a Dutch ship carrying 23 Jewish families was captured by pirates and then re-captured by another Dutch captain in 1654. They were deposited on the dock at New Amsterdam (modern New York) and watched as the captain sold their possessions to pay for their "passage." Thus began the first Jewish congregation in North America. The story of their descendants is an amazing tale that will give you new appreciation for the richness of American history.

You will learn how the little congregation was helped by their Christian neighbors and why Jews became the most fervent patriots in the American Revolution. The Jewish farmer who aided George Washington nearly lost his family due to the revenge of Tory neighbors, the Jewish friend of Benjamin Franklin who gave his entire fortune to the fight against the British and the Jewish naval officer who rescued Monticello and gave it to the American people are just some of the wonderful stories you will read in this book.

368 pages

ISBN: 0815604599
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