The Great Wall

The Great Wall

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By Elizabeth Mann
Illustrated by Alan Witschonke

The story of thousands of miles of earth and stone that turned a nation into a fortress.

Now imagine the enemy that this wall was built to defend against.

The Mongols were nomadic warriors of legendary skill and savagery. Their empire encompassed most of the known world, from southern Asia to northern Europe, from the Middle East to the Sea of Japan. Now the fierce and unstoppable horsemen were bearing down on China. For the Chinese, there seemed only one solution: to turn their country into a vast fortress.

The Great Wall chronicles a people's struggle for absolute security in a violent and dangerous world. It is a story of astonishing success and ultimate failure, of ingenuity, determination, the will to survive and, in the end, futility.

Age 9-13
48 pages
Illustrated, Maps, Index

ISBN: 1931414122
EAN: 9781931414128