The SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christion Student

The SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christion Student




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By: Dr. James Stobaugh

The SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student is unique in the Christian educational world. It offers students the promise of higher scores on their SATs in an easy-to-follow, reading and devotional format that strengthens their personal faith and loyalty to Christ while building disciplined study skills. It develops both the intellectual and spiritual muscles of the student. This course builds firm, biblical foundation through concise, yet thought-provoking devotional. Also, being literature-based, the course challenges students to read the classics and the types of books that will be required reading throughout their college career (an annotated booklist is included). The comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing exercises, along with college prep. Math drills, prepare the student in a way that no other book on the market can. The author`s aim is for godly character to be developed in place of an attitude of "outsmarting" the test. This book offers an excellent opportunity for the Christian student to prepare for college.

ISBN-13: 9781883934033