The Tempest ( Shakespeare Made Easy )

The Tempest ( Shakespeare Made Easy )

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by William Shakespeare, Edited by Alan Durband

See how the magic, the terror, the romance and the comedy of Shakespeare's strange and lyrical fantasy play come to life as never before in this clear, modern version. Watch the story of the innocent Miranda, the monstrous, servile Caliban, the mischievous spirit Ariel, and Prospero, ruler of their tiny island, as it unfolds in plain English.

This wonderful presentation of Shakespeare's The Tempest features the play's original lines on each left-hand page, and a modern, easy-to-understand "translation" on the facing right-hand page. This invaluable teaching-study guide also includes:

Helpful background information that puts the play in its historical perspective

Discussion questions that teachers can use to spark student class participation, and which students can use as springboards for their own themes and term papers

Fact quizzes, sample examinations, and other features that improve student comprehension of what the play is about

Ages 14 and up
224 pages pages

ISBN: 0812036034
EAN: 9780812036039