The Thread That Runs So True

The Thread That Runs So True




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by Jesse Stuart

This personal account of the author's experiences as a teacher in the mountain region of Kentucky will have you riveted from page one! Jesse Stuart's sometimes hair-raising, sometimes hilarious adventures in the hill country provide a vivid picture of remote rural life in the mid-twentieth century.

Ages 12 and up
304 paages

Biographical Note: Jesse Stuart worked his way through Lincoln Memorial and Vanderbilt Universities, and taught school in his native Kentucky. He lectured at various colleges and universities until 1954, when he suffered a near-fatal heart attack. After his recovery, he returned to writing, lecturing, and farming. As a specialist for the U.S. Department of State, he traveled around the world, and he served as a visiting lecturer and professor at the American University in Cairo in 1960-61. His work includes nearly thirty books, ranging from poetry to biography, autobiography, novels, and short stories. Jesse Stuart died in 1984.