The U.S. Constitution and You

The U.S. Constitution and You

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by Syl Sobel

2nd Edition

Do you know how the U.S. Constitution works to protect you, your friends and your family?

It protects the rights of every American citizen, including the right to vote, as well as to enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to worship according to your beliefs, and much more.

All elementary school students learn about the history of the U.S. Constitution when they first begin social studies. This book is different. It tells boys and girls about the great American document itself-explaining exactly what the Constitution does, as well as how it affects and protects people today. Kids discover how the Constitution provides for the federal government's three branches-legislative, executive, and judicial. Then they see how it gives all citizens many rights, including the right to vote, to enjoy freedom of speech and the press, to worship-or not worship-according to one's religious beliefs, to disagree openly with government policy, and to defend oneself in courts of law when accused of crimes or civil wrongs. Kids also see how, according to the Constitution, many rights are kept beyond control of the federal government, and are reserved for the separate states, communities, and individuals. This book's language is clear and simple. It cites many examples that relate directly to each student's own experiences.
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A straightforward overview of what the Constitution is and what it does. Short chapters on the various components and aspects of the document are direct and easy to understand as branches, checks and balances, and rights are defined and explored. Pen-and-ink sketches and informational sidebars emphasize points made throughout the book. While Betsy C. Maestro's A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution (Lothrop, 1987) focuses on the design and development of this document in a narrative style, Sobel's book focuses on its essential elements. It's a useful addition to the study of U.S. history and government.-Janie Schomberg, Leal Elementary School, Urbana, IL Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Gr 3-5

48 pages
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ISBN13: 9780764147944