The Wanderings of Odysseus

The Wanderings of Odysseus

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by Rosemary Sutcliff

A master storyteller and an award-winning illustrator evoke the golden age of mythical Greece in this spirited retelling of "The Odyssey."

The long siege is over, and Troy lies in ashes. The black ships of the Greek war-host set sail for home. But for heroic King Okysseus of Ithaca, the return voyage holds hazards far greater than any he faced during the Trojan War.

Forced by ill winds into unknown seas, Odysseus and his crew must contend with eer-stranger perils: the flesh-eating Cyclops, Circe with her deadly enchantments, the soul-chilling Land of the Dead. Wover through with a spectacular cast of men, magicians, and monsters, Odysseus' harrowing journey home to his family and kingdom tests the limits of his strength, and the power of his will.

134 pages
Reading Level: 6th grade

ISBN: 0553494821
EAN: 9780553494822