The Year of the Horseless Carriage 1801

The Year of the Horseless Carriage 1801




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by Genevieve Foster

In Genevieve Foster's inimitable style, she brings to life the dawn of the 19th century with all its wonderful advancements in transportation, communication, and technology. This is the age of Napoleon, Jefferson, Toussaint, Livingston, Robert Fulton, Richard Trevithick, Beethoven, Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, Dolley Madison and much more. Foster's use of "horizontal history", weaves these stories together by delightful retellings and whimsical illustrations.

About the Author: "Nothing is more critical, I believe, than that children growing up in these critical explosive days should be given an understanding of American history as a part of the history of the world. Every year this grows more urgent, as increasingly rapid communication integrates world events more closely and the impact of foreign affairs on our own lives becomes more serious and immediate." Genevieve Foster wrote this nearly fifty years ago. It resonates with perhaps more truth today. As a result of this clarion call we have sold many of her enduring "World" titles because of the timeless nature of her books. Her writing style is clear, concise and fluid with her greatest strength as a storyteller being her ability to bring her readers right into the minds and times of her characters.

READING LEVEL: Intermediate and Advanced (4th through 8th grade)
96 Pages

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