Truth In Science Grade 6 Total Package

Truth In Science Grade 6 Total Package

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The Grade 6 Total Package Curriculum is a comprehensive package that will have you teaching your student our Biblically based science curriculum immediately. We think you will agree this an extensive science course at a special price!

The package includes:

Grade 6 Teacher's Edition:
The Truth in Science Grade 4 Teacher's Edition is a standards based Science Textbook that teaches all of the scientific concepts required by the national teaching standards while remaining true to the scriptural truths as presented to Christians by the Word of God.

Grade 6 Steps Program (Student Text, Complete 11 Unit Set):
The Truth in Science Grade 5 Steps package is a year-long individual student-led curriculum (11 Unit Set) that gives the student the freedom to learn and discover true science while providing the guidance of a Biblical worldview.

Some unique aspects of the Truth in Science Steps Program:
* Solid science presentation in a student initiated format
* Every lesson includes Biblical worldview commentary
* Incorporates the Biblical & scientific tenets of Creation

Grade 6 Tests and Quizzes
Grade 6 Answer Key

Grade 6 Multimedia/Support DVD:
Your teaching will be made easier when you use this DVD to support the Grade 4 lessons. Information included is the importance of Biblical worldview, a product overview demonstration, and support resources (Resource List and Illustrations).

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