WordGirl Worrrd Up! Game

WordGirl Worrrd Up! Game




Product Description

Draw cards to get words that you spell on your building pieces. Players cooperatively add their building pieces to the tower as they spell their words. The more words, the higher the tower. Players of higher skill levels compete spelling longer words.

This is a great game for beginning readers and spellers because players begin with word cards on which 4 and 5 letter words are spelled for them. Their task is to find matching letters and re-spell each of their words on a WordGirl stacking disk. Thus, young children get practice spelling words during the game. They also get practice sounding out words as they spell them. This is a good game for the whole family as players must depend somewhat on luck to find the letters they need.

For those children who frustrate easily in competition, there is also a cooperative version of the game in which everyone plays as a team to build the tower and defeat the evil Dr. Two-Brains.

Ages 6+
2 or more players
Made in the USA

12 stacking disks
24 word cards
53 letter tokens
4 wild tokens
games instructions for three ways to play