Write Shop Primary Book A (Teacher's Guide)

Write Shop Primary Book A (Teacher's Guide)




Product Description

by Nancy I. Sanders

WriteShop Primary Book A is recommended for students in kindergarten or first grade. The program accommodates pre-writers as well as beginning and developing writers. It teaches the skills of the writing process at the very simplest level through engaging activities, crafts, and picture books and creates an environment that promotes a joy of learning.

Since early lessons have the option to be entirely oral on the part of the child, there is no pressure, only the opportunity to talk about things that are familiar to him as he watches Mom write down his words. Slowly and gently, the child is asked to help with the actual writing, first in simple words, then through copywork. Extra challenges appear throughout each lesson to keep the interest of a more advanced child.

Soft-cover book with plastic-coil binding. Lies flat for ease of use.

186 pages
Purchase the Activity Set Worksheet Pack separately.

ISBN 9781935027003