WriteShop I Student Workbook

WriteShop I Student Workbook

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Product Description

by Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar

4th Edition. Copyright 2003.

WriteShop I teaches students the basics of descriptive, informative, and narrative writing.

This level is ideal for most 6th-10th graders. It also works successfully with older high schoolers who need to learn these skills. In most cases, it is recommended that students complete WriteShop I before beginning WriteShop II.

Not only do students learn to narrow their topics and choose vivid, descriptive wording, they learn to add interest to their writing by varying their sentence structure. Each lesson's Skill Builder introduces new tools and provides practice. Once a new sentence variation is introduced, students will apply it in future writing lessons. This "Learn-Practice-Do" approach helps ensure mastery.


Teacher's Manual for WriteShop I and II. WriteShop I is not a stand-alone book. The Teacher's Manual provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to teach both WriteShop I and WriteShop II. This critical resource contains many instructional activities needed for introducing and/or explaining key concepts. These materials are NOT always present in the student book. We recommend that you purchase WriteShop I as part of the Basic Set, but you may also purchase the Teacher's Manual separately.

Thesaurus. A good thesaurus is essential for WriteShop students. The Synonym Finder is our very favorite thesaurus, and we highly recommend it for use with the WriteShop program.


* Consumable workbook contains 16 lessons
* Most students complete WriteShop I in one year (two weeks per lesson)
* Step-by-step instructions for each lesson, written to the student
* Creative and varied lessons, skill builders, and supplemental activities.
* Skill Builders to teach and reinforce new concepts
* Student and Teacher Writing Skills Checklists specific to each lesson (one per lesson)
* Composition Evaluation Forms (one per lesson)
* Seventeen exhaustive word banks
* Order one workbook for each additional student
* Requires Teacher's Manual (purchase separately or as part of Basic Set).
* Comes in a three-ring binder with tabbed dividers.

16 lessons
298 pp.