A Reason for Handwriting Homeschool Guidebook K-6

A Reason for Handwriting Homeschool Guidebook K-6




Product Description

This detailed teacher guidebook provides 96 pages of daily lesson plans, specific teaching tips and techniques, remedial and advanced strategies, letter formation charts , vocabulary lists, pre-writing readiness activities, handwriting skills index and more. The same teacher book is used for the entire series from kindergarten through sixth grade.

This curriculum integrates handwriting, Scripture, art, and outreach all in each fun lesson! Daily practice lessons are based entirely on Scripture verses. Each grade level's handwriting curriculum features a colorful 8.5 x 11 inch student workbook. All pages in each workbook are perforated for easy removal.

Each level of the hand-writing workbooks include:

* Weekly lesson plans
* practice pages
* border sheet pages for writing practice on specially designed sheets with borders that can be colored for added fun

K-6th. Teacher Guide Book.