A to Z Poetry for Kids

A to Z Poetry for Kids




Product Description

by Kellan G. Peterson

Poetry exists ~
a lost craft that lingers still
waiting to trigger
an avalanche of pure words.
Unlock creativity

Don't recognize this type of poem? It is called a Tanka and it is just one of twenty-six different types of poems you will find in this book. Within these pages is a treasury of poems designed to expand your knowledge of poetry. Each entry includes a letter of the alphabet paired with a different profession for each letter.  Then  you will find a picture and a unique poem for each profession along with a description of how to write that type of poem. By the time you are done reading this book, whether you are four years old or four hundred, you will be exposed to a wider world of poetry; one  maybe you didn't know existed!.

About the author:

Kellan G. Peterson is an alumni of Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Communications.  His childhood heroes are Captain America, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes.  Kellan's hoppies include shooting bows and arrows (at targets, not at people), going on crazy road trips and playing video games.  When not acting like a kid, Kellan helps out as a youth leader at Cypress Church.  He has traveled the world on both vacations and missions trips.  Kellan is a gifted photographer, talented writer and a dynamic speaker.

ISBN 9780964673762