America's Providential History

America's Providential History

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Author: Steven McDowell and Mark Beliles
Reading Level: High School
Media: Paperback

Some people think 1619 and the introduction of slavery in America is the only way of understanding our nation's history. But one year later in 1620 the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth and laid the stepping stones for a redemptive part of the American Dream that inspired the words of Martin Luther King, Jr many years later. This book is a history of America with special attention to the influence of Christianity on its development. After some chapters of a chronological nature the book also discusses some of the important areas of culture such as family, church, education, government and more, with special emphasis on a Biblical worldview for each. It is an exciting story of the hand of God in the shaping of nations, and the imperfect but ever-improving story of the United States. This special 400th Pilgrim anniversary edition expands on an earlier version with additional information on Blacks, Hispanics and Asians in the Providential story of America. Now more than ever our polarized nation needs to learn its history and discover what God meant for our good.

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336 Pages