Boys and Girls Herodotus

Boys and Girls Herodotus

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by John White

Here is American Homeschool Publishing's reprint of a great 1884 classic that will bring Herodotus to life for Middle School and High School students. Herodotus has been described as the father of history. He was born at Halicarnassus, in 484 B.C. and died at Thurium in Italy about the year 425 B.C. The design of Herodotus was to record the struggles between the Greeks and the barbarians, but in carrying it out, (as Wheeler the English analyst of the writings of Herodotus, has expressed it), "he is perpetually led to trace the cause of the great events of his history; to recount the origin of that mighty contest between liberty and despotism which marked the whole period; to describe the wondrous manners and mysterious religions of nations, and the marvelous geography and fabulous productions of the various countries, as each appeared in the great arenaÖ" The 2009 third printing of the book now contains a 48 page studentís index.

ISBN13: 9780966706703