Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems

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by Dr. Tommy Mitchell

In Volume 2 of the Wonders of the Human Body series, Dr. Tommy Mitchell covers the intricate design of both the cardiovascular system, consisting of the blood, blood vessels, and heart, as well as the respiratory system that focuses on the transportation of oxygen through the body. From the level of the cells to the organs themselves, you will examine these systems in depth.

In the Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems, prepare to discover the incredible design of the human heart, including:

The incredible design of the human heart and how it is really two pumps in one!
How blood moves through an incredible network of arteries and veins
What blood pressure is and the marvelous systems that help regulate it
How the respiratory system allows us to get the bad air out and the good air in

Along the way, we will see what happens when things go wrong. We will also suggest things to do to keep the heart and lungs healthy. Although the world insists that our bodies are merely the result of time and chance, as you examine the human body closely, you will see that it cannot be an accident. It can only be the product of a Master Designer.

Ages 12+
112 pages

ISBN 9780890519288