Chess 101

Chess 101

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Product Description

by Dave Schloss

Learning how to play chess involves more than just knowing how to move the pieces. Chess 101, is a chess book for beginners that provides comprehensive chess training about everything a new player needs to know.

This beginner chess book covers the following topics:

Types of boards and pieces
Setting up the board
The value of the pieces
How the pieces move, including castling and "en passant"
Chess notation
The three phases of the game of chess
How to study chess
What a chess rating is and how to get one
Chess clock rules
An overview of faster chess games
The mechanics of a tournament
Rules and etiquette
Tips to winning chess

Chess 101 also contains over two dozen exhibits, designed to help you learn to play chess with ease!

About the author...

Dave is a highly rated former Coconut Creek, Florida city chess champion and Broward College blitz chess champion. He is the founder and past president of the Coral Springs Chess Club, which he ran for over 10 years.

He has been playing chess for nearly 40 years and has organized and promoted chess exhibitions ("simuls") with Arnold Denker, (grandmaster and former U.S Chess Champion), Roman Dzindzichashvili (grandmaster and two-time U.S. chess champion) and Michael Rohde (grandmaster and columnist for Chess Life magazine).