Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space




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Stephanie L. Redmond

Break the concept of the universe into manageable bites! This user-friendly text covers the earth, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and weather in 24 lessons in 30 weeks. Each unit includes vocabulary words; Scripture quotes; coloring pages; resource list; timeline prompts; reviews; hands-on activities (building models, simulating volcanoes and more).

Lessons include conversational text that clearly explains new concepts in a friendly tone spoken directly to the student; notes in the margin explain unfamiliar words or concepts. Unit ďwrap upsĒ ensure all work is finished before moving on to a unit quiz. 360 indexed pages, softcover. Answers included, along with many reproducible supplemental activities. For grades 1-6.

Now including a convenient, easy-to-use Resource CD, unlocking the mystery of science has never been easier. The brand-new CD includes: Daily Lesson Plans, Materials Lists, bonus Literature Study Guide, and all reproducibles, such as:

Coloring Pages
Unit Reviews
Review Questions
Activity Charts

You wonít want to miss this updated, revamped version of everybodyís favorite science curriculum! Get it now and discover a whole new world of Godís creation.

360 pages
Grades 1-6

ISBN 9781892427243