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Product Description

Cursive First advocates initially teaching cursive to help improve long-term penmanship skills, eliminate reversals, and help children read others' handwriting. Students will learn to write numerals, the cursive alphabet, and common phonemes--perfect for both beginning writers and older kids transitioning from print to cursive. Teachers will instruct students on forming numerals and letters through large motor and tactile/kinesthetic activities before beginning to write and use fine-motor skills. This package coordinates with the sold-separately Spell to Write and Read and The WISE Guide

The Teacher's Manual features an overview of the benefits and rationale for the approach, reference tools, guidelines, sequence for using the program with either beginning or transitioning writers, troubleshooting ideas for students with visual and perception problems, and practice sheet masters. 

A set of loose-leaf, reproducible, Practice Sheets provides both student instruction and hands-on practice. Narrow 7/16" center-dashed lines are provided to write on. Capital and lower-case letters are taught separately, with connections between letters taught from the very beginning through the context of multi-letter phonograms. As they write, children are encouraged to say the phonograms aloud. 

The Cursive Phonogram Card Set features 28 quarter-page cards printed on bright yellow cardstock, and which are designed to be cut apart and laminated by the customer. A model of the letter with pronunciation key and instructions for cursive letter formation are featured on one side; the other side features a large-size model letter. A number sheet is also provided. 

ISBN: 0974492019