Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Teens

Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Teens




Product Description

by Ellie Roberts

Meaningful and Inspirational - Cursive Handwriting Practice for Teens 
Learning cursive handwriting can be very beneficial for a young adult. However, practice can sometimes be dull and tiring. This book turns your handwriting practice into a meaningful episode. 

Each exercise revolves around an inspiring quote from influential figures in history like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elisabeth, Confucius, Jane Austen, and Catherine the Great. 

Each exercise was specially designed for an ambitious young teenager.

  • The quotes included are still relevant in the modern world.
  • Each page provides insight into the minds of some of the most brilliant leaders of all time. 
  • The exercises are printed in a large and easy to read font size. 
  • Each practice begins with specific words extracted from the quote and written with a traceable cursive font. 
  • Each practice contains a worksheet designed for the quote to be rewritten in its entirety. 

These quotes will spark your creative thinking and can lead to meaningful discussions with friends and family, all that while also improving your handwriting skills. Regardless of age or cultural inclinations, this book has value for everybody.