Daily Grams Grade 7 Teacher Edition

Daily Grams Grade 7 Teacher Edition

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The purpose of Daily GRAMS: GUIDED REVIEW AIDING MASTERY SKILLS - GRADE 7 is to provide students with daily review of English. Review of concepts helps to promote mastery learning.

This text offers more teaching than most Daily GRAMS books. However, this text has been specifically designed for review. As in other Daily GRAMS texts, concepts are usually repeated within twenty-five to thirty days.

ISBN 978-0-936981-307    

Note that each page is set up in this manner:

  1. Sentence #1 always contains capitalization review.

  2. In sentence #2, students insert needed punctuation. You may want students to write this sentence, adding proper punctuation.

  3. Numbers 3 and 4 address general concepts. You may wish to replace one of these items with materials you are currently studying, especially if the concept provided has not yet been introduced.

  4. Sentence #5 is always sentence combining. Using sentences given, students will write a more intricate sentence. This helps students to develop higher levels of writing. If you feel that the sentences given are too difficult, delete parts or replace them.

The content of Daily GRAMS: Grade 7 has been expanded to include compound/complex sentences, analogies, and spelling rules.

Note: An excellent teaching text for this level is Easy Grammar Plus. To teach higher level sentence structures, Easy Writing is suggested.