Dinosaurs of Eden

Dinosaurs of Eden

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By:Ken Ham, Earl & Bonita Snellenberger

Dinosaurs of Eden follows two teenagers traveling through time discovering facts about dinosaurs in many eras. From their creation on Day 6, then in the Garden of Eden, many kinds of dinosaurs can be seen. Noah had to have taken them on the ark, Job describes them as fully alive later, and some may still be around today.

On their journey, the teens also witness the fall of man, discover the need for a Savior, and travel into the future to see the judgment. Scripture and historical information are intertwined to present a factual account of history from the creation to the judgment by way of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Readers of all ages will take a thrilling ride in a time machine to the past when dinosaurs lived - a ride not through millions of years, but to a time not so long ago!

Filled with stunning artwork, this fun family book will transport you on a breathtaking journey through the "time-gate" of the Bible, the true history book of the universe!

This captivating adventure by popular writer Ken Ham projects you back to the Garden of Eden and to the real world inhabited by dinosaurs and to the exciting days of Noah's flood and the Tower of Babel. You'll be there watching - traveling through the centuries - learning the true history of the earth, and long the way discovering the very meaning and purpose of life!

Join us on this journey to the very beginning of time - when dinosaurs roamed Eden!

64 Pages

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