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Product Description


Discombobulation is a fun, fast-paced game guaranteed to make the entire family laugh.  The goat: be the first to play all of your cards before someone can discombobulate you with one of 10 zany Discombobulation cards.  When a Discombobulation card is played, you will go head-to-head against the other players to compose rhymes, sing popular songs, make lists, mimic others, remember nicknames, and much more.  Be the first to mess up, you draw more cards.  

Practice adding and subtracting up to 21 and not below 0!  The game is designed for children 8 and up but younger children can enjoy it too (and practice their arithmetic skills) if you let them have an older partner when the Discombobulation cards are played.  Or, you can remove the Discombobulation cards and just play with the Number cards and Action cards.
Any way you play, it's sure to be a fun way to learn!

Number of Players: 3 to 6