Discover Your Child's Learning Style

Discover Your Child's Learning Style




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by Mariaemma Willis, M.S. and Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A.

There are scores of educational approaches---but which is right for your child? Forcing every learner into the same mold leads to underachieving students and frustrated parents. Through tests and assessment exercises, this resource helps you measure their unique strengths, interests, and inner pace. Using informed, learner-appropriate techniques, you'll nurture your child's learning for excellence in classwork and life. The authors of this book have developed a "Learning Styles Model" of education that helps you truely discover your child's:

* Talents
* Interests
* Preferred learning environment
* Thinking Style. Is your child a Performer, Producer, Thinker/Creator, Inventor, or Relater/Inspirer? Each type is motivated differently and learns differently!
* Modalities. They go so far beyond the traditional visual/auditory/kinesthetic-tactile trio. The visual learner, for example, may be a Print Learner or a Picture Learner... and this makes a huge difference. Turns out there are two kinds of Auditory Learners, and four kinds of Kinesthetic-Tactile Learners!

If you want to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on curriculums that do not work for your family then you must read this bood and take the assesments. A must have book for all children regardless if you are homeschooling or in a classroom environment.

ISBN: 0741484617
EAN: 9780741484611