Drawing Magic - Book 2

Drawing Magic - Book 2

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by Peter Kraus

DRAWING MAGIC Guidebook 2 picks up right where DRAWING MAGIC Guidebook 1 ends. The innovative format continues with simple instructions and easy to follow illustrations. Eye symbols tell you what to look for, and hand symbols show you what to do every step of the way from start to finish. In this manner, easy to manage stages make it a cinch to progress from the basic shapes of Book 1 to creating wonderful, realistic drawings in Book 2.

The first exercise is a vase in true perspective. It's really simple with the introduction to ellipses and surface planes. After learning about contrast and edges, you can then confidently apply the chiaroscuro methods to add shading to your vase.

For the next phase, you will progress easily to drawing a cup and saucer, including the handle in foreshortened view. Toning follows, along with learning many revealing stroke techniques. Right before your eyes, you will see how they add style and character to your unique rendition

Now, you will be ready for more advanced lessons. While sketching a young girl's face, you will discover the incredible effect of lost and found lines. Then, a tranquill landscape teaches you about texture and atmospheric perspective. Last but not least, you will learn to create the look of fur as you develop the likeness of a wolf.

242 pages
ISBN 9781466454125