Earth's Catastrophic Past: Volume 1 & 2

Earth's Catastrophic Past: Volume 1 & 2

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Geology, Creation, and The Flood

by Andrew A. Snelling

An alarming number of Christian leaders and teachers believe that God "created" through evolutionary processes over millions of years, that Adam and Eve descended from a hominid population, and that there has never been a global flood. Step-by-step, Dr. Snelling examines evolutionary interpretations of the geologic record and deconstructs the misplaced assumptions and conclusions on which those interpretations are based.

By the end of Earth's Catastrophic Past, readers will have their faith restored in Genesis as real, literal history, and be convinced that the scientific evidence, correctly discerned and applied, is indeed consistent with God's record of our origins and history found in Genesis 1-11.

Quick Overview

* These volumes construct a biblical-geologic model for earth history and conclude that the central claims of Genesis 1-11 are true!
* The long-awaited update to the ground-breaking book, The Genesis Flood by Dr. Whitcomb and Dr. Morris
* Noah Constructed an Ark by which two of every kind of air-breathing, land-dwelling animal were saved along with Noah's family from a global flood
* The confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel produced the language groups that are found around the world today

Vol 1 - 480 pages
Vol 2 - 646 pages

ISBN 9780890518748