Editor in Chief Beginning on CD-Rom

Editor in Chief Beginning on CD-Rom




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By: Critical Thinking Books & Software

Editor in Chief« improves your child's grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and attention to detail using a standards-based thinking approach rather than drill and practice. This effective method teaches students to carefully analyze and edit stories that contain errors in writing mechanics and story details.
The stories combine single skills (like capitalization) with guided, gradual instruction and practice that is ideal for younger learners.
The books and software both use the same stories, errors, and rules. The difference is in the way students edit the stories.
Students identify and click on errors in each story. Then they select the category and specific rule that applies to each error, prompting the software to correct the error. On-screen instructions, hints, rules, and answers allow students to work, learn, and succeed independently.

Features Provides high-quality independent learning (not "edutainment") with immediate feedback for students and teachers.
40 activities
Quick and detailed instructions
Hints that help students keep learning even if they don't know a ruleŚno getting stuck.
Guide to grammar, usage & punctuation that teaches and reinforces concepts
Saves unfinished games
Self-grading, with printable student data

E Grades 3-4

ISBN13: 9780894558764
ISBN: 0894558765