Editor in Chief , Grades 9-12, Level 3

Editor in Chief , Grades 9-12, Level 3

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By: Critical Thinking Books & Software

Grammar Disasters & Punctuation Faux Pas

Editor in Chief® Level 3 improves students’ grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and attention to detail using a standards-based thinking approach rather than drill and practice. This effective method teaches students to carefully analyze and edit stories that contain errors in writing mechanics and story details.

The stories involve mixed-skills practice, starting with easier errors and becoming more challenging as students become adept at the editing process.

Students identify and circle errors in each story. Then they insert, modify, or delete punctuation, words, and short phrases to make corrections. An editing checklist and annotated guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation are provided to help focus students’ thinking and allow them to match their answers to applicable rules. Detailed answers are also included.

216 pages