Explode the Code 2 1/2

Explode the Code 2 1/2

Code: EXCD_2_5



Product Description

Explode the Code Book 2 1/2is designed for students who require additional practice with the concepts taught in Explode the Code Book 2, 2nd Edition (sold-separately). Perfect for reinforcement and extension activities, exercises cover the same concepts as the whole-number book: initial blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, sk, sl, pl, cr, dr, gr, br, fr, pr, tr, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tw)and ending blends (mp, sk, st, fr, lt, nt, lf, lp, nd, nk). Students also gain additional practice opportunities to read and write one-syllable words.

ISBN-13: 9780838878101