Explode the Code 5 1/2

Explode the Code 5 1/2

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Explode the Code Book 5 1/2is designed for students who need more practice with the concepts taught in Explode the Code Book 5, Exercises reinforce the same concepts as book 5: sounds of -ed, words ending in -ey, word families all-alk, old-olt-oll, ild-ind, 3-letter blends thr-, shr-, scr-, str-, spr-, spl-, and qu words. Students are given additional practice blending sounds to read and write multi-syllabic words.

The 2nd Edition of Explode the Code features:

  • Revised student directions for precision and ease of understanding

  • Updated content and some illustrations to clarify examples 

92 pages, softcover. Non-reproducible, consumable workbook. 2nd Edition. Grades 2-4. 

ISBN 9780838878132