Famous Men of Ancient Rome (Dover)

Famous Men of Ancient Rome (Dover)




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This captivating book offers young readers a memorable introduction to the famous leaders and great men of ancient Rome. Its short biographical chapters are chronologically arranged, from 753 B.C., the estimated founding of Rome, to A. D. 476, the fall of the Western Empire. Readers can examine the characters of these great men and see how their actions and ideas influenced Rome and the world.

The 30 chapters start with the legend of the orphans Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a wolf, and grew up to found the Eternal City. Children also meet a fascinating variety of actual historical figures, including Cincinnatus, who chose to be a farmer instead of a dictator, Nero, the mad emperor, and the warlike Julius Caesar. They'll encounter Marcus Aurelius, the emperor who used his own money to help the poor, and who walked the streets, greeting people and listening to their troubles so that he could be a better leader. Geared toward third- to seventh-graders, Famous Men of Ancient Rome is excellent both for reading aloud and for independent reading and study by students.

149 pages
Middle School to High School
ISBN: 0486443612
EAN: 9780486443614