Footprints in the Ash.

Footprints in the Ash.

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By Dr. John Morris, Steve Austin

In the early morning hours of May 18, 1980, the pristine scenery around Washington's Mount St. Helens was shattered by a powerful explosion that devastated its north slope. The eruption of a landmark mountain had begun.

In the aftermath, amid the rivers of mud, blankets of ash, and eerie quiet, scientists made a startling discovery: "nature" was bringing life out of death, re-claiming from the destruction a teeming colony of plant and animal life. Most amazing of all, the geological upheavals had re-created the processes of old that had carved out such marvels as the Grand Canyon.

Today, the site stands as a testament to the power of God, who upholds all of creation. In His infinite wisdom, He has shown the modern science of geology that the earth is much, much younger that many suspected.

Discover how the eruption of Mount St. Helens helps to explain Noah's flood! A fascinating pictorial review of the 1980 volcanic eruption that shocked the world!
Displays a visual outdoor laboratory with geological lessons
Provides observable evidence for a young earth
An encouraging teaching tool for biblical creationists
Shows how Gods creation adapted to this natural disaster through a recovered ecosystem
Teaches proper insight on the subject of death and suffering In the aftermath of the Mount St. Helens eruption and the subsequent glacier slide and mudflows, there remained a geologic gold mine for earth scientists. No natural disasters in recent history could compare with the variety of processes which resulted from this tectonic and volcanic event.

As creation scientists have carefully studied this geological phenomenon, they have concluded that Mount St. Helens accomplished the same sort of geologic work that biblical creationists attribute to Noahs flood. While this explosion was certainly much smaller in scale and intensity, many lessons were learned through this occurrence that help us understand the unobservable past. Journey back to this catastrophic event with scientists Dr. Steve Austin and Dr. John Morris and see what was discovered as they reconstruct the sequence of earthquakes, eruptions, avalanches, mudflows, and other geologic processes and unveil their fascinating research findings!

124 pages
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