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Product Description

Claim the most precious gems and build your fortune. Roll the dice, move your pawns by following the patterns on the dice, and capture your gems. You finally land on a diamond, a ruby and two emeralds. But now you must keep them from being taken by another player. You must roll a “GEMLOK” to make them yours to keep (when rolling GEMLOK, flip your pawn over to display the “GEMLOK” symbol and lock your pawn onto a high value gem). Each player tries to capture the highest value gems with their eight pawns, and will compete with other player’s strategies along the way before securing their fortune.

Players may bump their opponent’s “unlocked” pawns, claim their gems, and send them up to three spaces away from the high value gems. Players may also bump themselves in a strategic move, up to three spaces onto a higher value gem.

The game ends when a player has either “locked” in all eight pawns, or when a player calls an end to the game anytime after ten rounds of play, believing they have high score, to await the other player’s final round of play.

Gemlok is an easy to learn, fast moving game. So much fun, interaction and strategy for all ages. Enjoy your Family and Friends as you play Gemlok, and HAVE SOME FUN!

Ages 7 to Adult.
Recommended for 2 to 4 Players - Individuals or two teams of two.
Approximate playing time is 25-40 minutes.

Caution! Choking Hazard