Geography Through Literature Study Guide

Geography Through Literature Study Guide




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by Rea C. Berg

Hands-on course utilizing four of the Holling C. Holling classics. This award-winning study is designed to cover geography, but also includes some history and science as well. The teacher's guide provides the framework for getting the most out of the Holling books as well as four maps (available for purchase separately) designed to be colored and labeled by your student. Three main geographic regions of the U.S are covered in this course as well as an introduction to world geography in the book, Seabird. 3rd-7th grade level. Contains 38 lessons and it is suggested that one lesson be completed each week. For grades 3rd-6th.

Reading Level: Primary & Intermediate 3rd-6th grades

About the Author: Rea is a homeschooling mother of six whose determination to teach history using quality literature rather than standard textbooks inspired her to research what was available to accomplish that purpose. The result has been a series of History Through Literature study guides all designed to acquaint the reader with the best children's literature available on the subject. Rea holds a Masters Degree in Children's Literature from The Center for the Study of Children's Literature, Simmons College in Boston.