Goose Egg for Division and Factoring

Goose Egg for Division and Factoring

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Product Description

Its simply a matter of DIVIDE and CONQUER!

If we divide correctly, we earn the right to conquer those chips. And whoever has the most chips after 5 rounds of play. . . WINS THE GAME!

Now with the roll of all 3 dice you'll then simply call out the division for each one of the numbers rolled into the teal colored numbers showing on the tile. With the number 27 showing on a tile in the center pile and having rolled a 3, you will simply call out "27 divided by 3 equals 9" and the chip is YOURS. It's that simple.

With everyone else listening and monitoring your turn, they will be quick to catch any mistakes that you call out in your division . . . and those chips will be theirs. Maybe not a nice aspect of the game, but there is more. After accumulating chips from the center pile during the first 3 rounds, the game changes and during the last 2 rounds of play, everyone gets to DIVIDE and CONQUER (steal) from everyone elses pile!

Now what definitely makes the game FUN is the consequences of rolling the dice: roll any three numbers (except for 0) and you get to divide and conquer. Roll doubles of any number (except for 0) and you get another turn! Roll 3 of a kind of any number (except for 0) and its an INSTANT WIN! Roll one Goose Egg (0) . . . you lose your turn, roll two Goose Eggs (0,0) . . . you lose all your chips . . . roll 3 Goose Eggs (0,0,0)) and EVERYONE LOSES, yes EVERYONE . . . and the game is over!! So with just one roll of the dice lots can change!!

Ages 8 +

Players: 3 - 6 GOOSE EGG for Division and Factoring allows the kids to think, hear and see divison all in a FUN format!